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Fabulous Florenza floral set.  All the pieces are signed.  The brooch is just shy of 1 3/4" across and the earrings are 3/4" across.  Lime green 'leaves' accent the white 'flowers' and purple, pink, green & medium pink stones bring the sparkle to the brooch.  Each earring has a medium pink rhinestone at its center.  [larger view] [back view]  $125.00  #051104-1
Three strand Florenza bracelet.  Over 7 1/4" long by 1" wide.  The pearls on the clasp are in great condition though the pearls at the ends of each strand have lost their coating.  [larger view] [back view]  $45.00  #100204-4

Florenza signed cameo brooch with faux turquoise and pearl accents.  It is 1 1/2" high and 1 1/4" wide.  In unworn condition.  (I took an extra photo on white so you could see the details in the cameo.) [larger view] [another view] [back view]  $125.00  #030402F

Do you love cameo's?  Well here is a matching set by Florenza.  The brooch/pen-dant is 2" long and 1 1/2" wide.  The earrings are 1 1/4" long and 1" wide.  Can you see by the picture that one earring's face points 1 way and the other faces the other?  That way they can be looking toward each other.  Excellent condition.   [larger view] [back view]  $225.00 #030602C