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This 1940's signed Hobé Sterling brooch is 3" high by 2 7/8" wide and it sits over 1" high.  I have not cleaned this brooch so as to leave the patina in place.  Additional markings are Design Pat'd and 1/20 14k.  In wonderful condition except the pin stem is slightly bent.  [larger view] [back view] [signature]  $375.00   #100203A

When I first saw this brooch, I thought it was a bowling pin!  But it is a stylized cat with carved stones for accent.  It is 2" by 1" and is in wonderful condition.  Signed on the back with just a W.  [larger view] [back view]  $25.00  #021602A

Avon butterfly in silver with gold accents and blue eyes.  It measures 1 7/8" wide and it is 2" tall.   [larger view] [back view]  #021402B  $20.00

Coro signed lapel or scatter  pin.  I would call this a corn-flower blue color of rhine-stone.  It is 1 1/4" high and about 7/8" wide.  Excellent condition.   [larger view] [back view]  $30.00 #022302A

This brooch is signed SAC (Sarah Coventry) and is in unworn condition.  It is 1 3/4" by 2" across.  [larger view] [back view]  $18.50   #021602F
This Weiss signed book piece candy cane measures 2 5/8" by 1 1/4" wide.  "Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry", by Marcia Brown, page 157.  [larger view]  [back view] excellent condition  $115.00  #021102D 

Signed Trifari brooch in terrific condition.  It measures 1 1/2" by 1 1/2".  There is no plating loss and the stones are bright and clear.  (Because the rhinestone area is slightly domed, it did create shadows on the back view scan.)  [larger view] [back view]   $85.00 #021702A

Signed Vogue Jlry this brooch's flower opens and closes.  It measures a bit over 2" high and 1 1/2" wide when the flower is closed.  This brooch is in unworn condition. [larger view] [closed view]  [back view]  $45.00  #022302F

Fabulous enameled signed  Coro and a/b flower brooch.  It appears to be in rarely worn condition.  It is almost 3" high and over 2" wide.  [larger view] [back view]  $125.00  #021302E


This 2 3/4" wide by 2 1/4" high butterfly looks like it could brighten any garden.  It is signed Paris on the back.  A couple of the stones have some spotting but only visible on close inspection.  [larger view] [back view]   $22.50  #021002A  Sold

Eisenberg fur/coat clip.  The hinge is nice and tight and just look at that lovely patina on the silver.  It is 1 3/4" wide and almost 2 1/2" long.  The stones are in remarkable shape considering the age and appear original to the piece.  It is signed Eisenberg in block under the prongs and it is signed sterling on both the clip mechanism and the back of the piece.  [larger view] [back view]  $575.00 #020104-1
Weiss signed book piece  flower with open backed petals and 2 tone colored leaves.  It is over 3" high and over 1 1/2" wide.   "Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry", by Marcia Brown, page 161.  Condition is excellent.  [larger view] [back view]  $125.00  #021302J