This Weiss set is so much more 'wow' than the scans.  It just vibrates with color.  The brooch is signed and it measures 2" by 2 1/4".  The earrings are unsigned but clearly go with the brooch.  Another example that we shouldn't separate sets.  Fabulous condition. [larger view] [back view]  $375.00  #021302K
Weiss signed bracelet and earrings with gold mesh trim and sparkling dark blue rhinestones.  The bracelet is 7" long and a bit over 1/2" wide.  The earrings are 1 1/8" across.   [larger view] [back view]   $185.00  #021302B

A signed Oscar de la Renta silver set in very good con-dition.  The brooch measures almost 3 1/4" by 1 1/4" and the pierced earrings are 1"  by 1/2" wide.  [larger view] [back view]   $40.00  #021102I

Glistening Juliana large brooch and earrings with a/b's and unfoiled stones.  The brooch measures 3 1/4" by 1 1/2" and the earrings are 1 1/2" by 1".   [larger view] [back view]  $225.00 #021102C

Fabulous Deco-style Jomaz necklace and bracelet set.  This bracelet is shown in ruby red on page 78 of Collectible Costume Jewelry by Cherri Simonds and her price range is $175.00-225.00 just for the bracelet.   These pieces have channel-set square-cut green rhinestones.  Both pieces are  rhodium plated and the bracelet does have a safety chain.  In never worn condition.  [larger view] [back view] [close-up of clasp]  $425.00  #022202B



Lisner signed demi-parure.  I know that matching brooch is out there somewhere!   These pieces have molded stones in cognac and dark brown accented with a/b's and gold leaves.  The earrings are not for the shy as they are 1 1/4" across.  The bracelet is 7 1/2" by 3/4" and the necklace is adjustable from about 13" to 16".  Slight plating loss on the back of the earrings.   [larger view] [back view] [close up]  $225.00  #021602E  ON HOLD

This Art signed necklace and unsigned earrings are old new stock dating from the 1950's-60's.  The crystal faceted dangles have some a/b coating on them and they just shine.  All three strands alternate medium gray high shine beads with dark gray ones.  The longest strand starts off with the same 1/4" beads but then changes to 3/8" and this strand is highlighted with crystal faceted beads.  All findings are silver in color.  The necklace is 15 1/2" long with 2" of adjustment (13 1/2) and the earrings 2 3/8" long.  They are highlighted with the same beads and crystals and have a smoky colored rhinestone at the top. [larger view] [signature]  3 sets available  $75.00  #052902A  

Japan marked set of white beads, green speckled beads, faceted black crystals with some aurora borealis coating and gold spacers.  The necklace is 17 1/2" with 2 1/2" of adjustability (15-171/2").  The earrings measure 1" across.  This is new old stock from the 1950's.  [larger view]  $35.00  #081502E

This Japan marked set is very well made.  The 3 strand necklace is 17 1/2" long with 2 1/2" of adjustability (15-17 1/2").  The largest beads measures 3/4" across.  Speckled glass beads, gold spacers and faceted black crystals (with some aurora borealis coating) add to this set.  The earrings are 1" across.  [larger view]  2 sets available  $35.00  #081502F

This new old stock set from the 1950's is signed Germany.  The molded clear beads has black specks suspended in them and they are surrounded with white matte beads and faceted aurora borealis coated beads. Small white beads and gold spacers finish off the necklace. The necklace is 18" with 2 1/2" of adjustment (15 1/2-18") and the earrings are 1" across.  [larger view]  $30.00  #081902A