This unsigned brooch would also go very well with item #021302C.  It measures 2 1/8" across and the condition is very good.  Please note - a couple of the large chatons are tilted a bit more than the rest to fit around the center round stone.  This is not a defect.  [larger view] [back view] $35.00 #021302D

Pink moon glow and rhine-stone fur clip.   It is unmarked and measures 3 1/4" by almost 2" across.  It is in excellent condition.  [larger view] [back view]  $80.00   #021602G

[larger view] [back view]   This antique style stickpin's head measures 1" wide by 1 1/4" and the entire length is 2 3/8"  $14.50   #030202E

This stamped metal wagon pin is 2 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" high. [larger view] [back view]  $17.50 #030602F
Five large heavily a/b rhine-stones are surrounded by white milk glass cabochons.  The brooch is 2 1/2" high and 1 3/4" wide. Light scratches on a couple of the r/s.  [larger view] [back view]  $22.50  #091203B

This flower brooch measures 1 1/4" wide by 1 3/4" high.  It has the signature plate on the back, but it is unsigned.  Very well made and in great shape. [larger view] [back view]  $17.50 #031002G

Approximately 1 1/8" by 7/8" emerald colored center stone surrounded by 4 periodot colored round rhinestones in the gold filigree stamped unmarked brooch.  Condition is excellent  Brooch is 2" across. [larger view] [back view]  $25.00  #022302H

Now this is not an older pin, but it is kind of neat!  It measures 1 1/2" across and 2 1/2" long.  There is a hollow heart, a spoon, a teapot, the man in the moon and a star.  [larger view] [back view]  $17.50  #030402A

[larger view] [back view]   The brooch is 1 7/8" across and is in terrific shape.  It has a simulated baroque style pearl at it's center, surrounded by 'pearls', highlighted by aurora borealis stones and then framed with a wrap consisting of 'pearls' and twisted gold.  $27.50 #022302J

Sparkling clear rhinestone and gold squiggle brooch.  Just a fun thing to wear on that boring blue business suit!  It is marked on the clasp, but even after eating my carrots and using a magnifier I couldn't make it out.  It is over 3" wide and about 5/8" high.  Excellent condition.  [larger view] [back view]  $22.50  #050102K

Boy, I'm going to have to describe the colors of this brooch as it just wouldn't scan.  The large (5/8") center stone is an ice blue color.  Surrounding the center stone are small light pink navettes interspersed with larger navettes of light lavender that have the 'star sapphire' effect.  The outer ring is composed of 1/2" medium to dark turquoise colored rhinestones.  The brooch is 1 7/8" across.  [larger view] [back view]  $27.50 #031302B

Bright red rhinestone brooch.  The gold plating is very yellow and is in terrific condition.  It is a bit over 2 1/2" high and about 1 1/8" wide.  [larger view] [back view]  $18.50  #050502A