CJ Features presents Handsome Hobe

(This photo and the next 4 are courtesy of Bobye Syverson)  [larger view]  "This Hobé is a huge American Eagle pendant (4" wingspan) on a chain with 13 big stars for the 13 original colonies."

[larger view]  "This Hobé is what I call my "Imperial Russia" design, involving pearls and real mink!"

[larger view]   This parure is fantastic.  I have shown two scans of this one.  The style of the bracelet is the only thing that is typically Hobé.  This shows the bracelet and one pair of earrings."

[larger view]  Here is the rest of this parure.  The necklace, brooch, and other pair of earrings are on this scan.  Isn't this a beauty?"

[larger view]  "This is a little gem.  Not very large, but beautifully designed.  A Hobé wheelbarrow with jewel flowers."







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