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Now I was told this was a mustache trimmer.  Please contact me if I am in-correct.  It measures about 1 3/4" across.  The pearlized front and back are in excellent condition.  There are some rust marks on the blades.  Since it is advertising Coke for 5 cents, I would date it to the early 1930's as I have a 1933 world's fair Coke knife.   [larger view] [back view] [open view]   $85.00  #030402B

Now here's an item that is easy to date!  It is a pocket knife from the 1933 Chicago World Fair.  It is also a Coca-Cola collect-able.  On the left it says DRINK, Coca-Cola, trade-mark, IN BOTTLES.  It does not test positive for bakelite so I am assuming it is celluloid. Please note the slight crack near the rivet on the left side when viewing the back view photo.  [larger view] [back view] [open view]   $300.00


Santa Claus and Coca-Cola.  What a combination!  The tin is in great condition with very light surface scratches.   It has the copy right date of 1995.  The pen is in perfect condition.  I did try to write with it and it gave me a little ink, but I dare to say after 7 years it's pretty dried up so it would need a refill if you plan on using it and not keeping it as a collectible.  [larger view] [back view] [pen only]  $60.00  #021402C

A 1930's era Coca-Cola ice pick and bottle opener.  It measures about 10 3/4" in length.  The tip is very slightly bent.   [larger view] [back view] [another view] [another view] [another view]  $110.00  #040202A

1988 3M Seoul Olympic pin.  It is 1" high by 5/8" wide.  [larger view] [back view]  $25.00  #081203E

An Emeril Lagasse pro-motional badge.  I acquired this at the Javits Convention Center in N.Y. City shortly after 9/11 when he was promoting his new line of seasonings.  It is 2 1/4" across.  [larger view] [back view]  $30.00  #080703A