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Steele (photos taken 11/04/08)  I had just adopted Steele when these photos were taken.  She came with a file folder with her pedigree and two empty dog bowls.  She will be 8 years old in January 2009




Fred (photos taken 11/04/08)  Fred is an orange winged Amazon parrot.  I've had Fred since 1981 - 28 years!



Maggie (photos taken 9/01/09)  I adopted her about a month ago (~8/4)  She was neglected for about two years due to a divorce.  Tossed into the backyard and left there.  When she was in the house, she was crated most of the time.
She's been to the vet and gotten her shots up to date and she's been treated for a terrible ear infection.  She had been gnawing on her legs before she came to us and that has seemed to lessened with the new environment.