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On September 2, 2005 I was walking down one of the main streets in Bern, Switzerland and glanced in a shop's window and saw this Miriam Haskell book lying on a chair.  [larger view] I went inside the shop and the lady inside shared with me that the shop was new and that she was just in the process of stocking it.  The owner had collected for many years and now was ready to sell.  She had trays and trays and drawers and drawers full of cj.  This Stanley Hagler set was in the window.  [larger view] All of these photos were taken through the front glass the next day before we left for Luxembourg.  All prices are in Swiss francs.  [larger view] The shop person showed me the back room where there were shelves and shelves of research books.  Many I had never heard of.  This one was positioned on a glass display case near the front window.  [larger view]
Murano necklace.  Fabulous![larger view] Trifari.  [larger view] The store front.  [larger view]