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We had a robin build a nest over our front door.  On Thursday, 7/23/2009, I had some ladies over for a dinner.  The day before, we had noticed some babies up there so we blocked off access to the front walkway.  12:11 p.m.
(This set of photos were taken 7/25/2009.)
This photo and the prior one were taken with me standing on the steps that go up to the 2nd level.  I shot through the clerestory window over the front door.  12:11 p.m.
This photo was taken through the side glass that flanks the front door.  Here's Mama.  Can you see the little beaks sticking up in the photo?  Original photo not cropped  12:12 p.m.
Three little necks stretching up.  12:13 p.m.
12:14 p.m.
This little guy has his head draped over the nest.  Sleeping?  12:15 p.m.
12:17 p.m.
12:17 p.m.
12:18 p.m
12:18 p.m.
1:41 p.m.
1:42 p.m.