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larger view  5/2002  Contents of 1 small and 1 large case.  (Yes, I did mean to put my license plate in the photo.  When I first started with JC I needed a 'signature' & since I had just moved from the L.A. area to Little Rock, LA2LR became part of my 'name' on JC.  So, if you ever see a vehicle with LA2LR or LA2LR 2 on it, make sure to wave and honk 'cause it's me!)

larger view 2 more cases

larger view  There are 3 Juliana style bracelets in the middle of this photo and at the top you can see a pink necklace (er's are there too) that I'm sure is Juliana.

larger view  The bottom tray is all Florenza with tags.  Some of the items are not stamped Florenza

larger view  Here's another shot of that pink Juliana necklace  & lots of rhinestone expansion bracelets

larger view  This tray on the bottom right has the strangest stuff IMHO.  Weird plastic components BUT you too may have a full set 'cause there are bracelets, ers, 2 versions of necklaces.