(These photos were taken  to share with an engineer because the rains of last month compromised the fence and we need to do something with the grating.  It's not working.)  12/2003  My lot is ~1 acre.  The house sits in the northwest corner of the lot and the front of the house faces north.  The previous owner had never cleared most of the lot except for what was close to the house in the backyard.  We have taken out over 30 trees and cleared the rest of the lot and cleaned up the creek.   This shot was taken on the ground facing basically west.  This bridge is 20 feet long.  [larger view]

Close up view of the grating on the west side of fence.  Adjoins my neighbors yard who has done no creek work and allows the creek to flood his backyard.  Grating measures ~44" high in the center and ~104" wide.  [larger view]

Standing on west bridge shooting west.  This entire area floods during heavy rains such as we had on 12/9/03.  [larger view]

Standing on 2nd story deck looking west southwest.  The entire underside of this bridge was water to water on 12/09/03.  Both east and west bridges have been raised and are in concrete.  [larger view]

Wider view from 2nd story deck.  The stump on the left side of the photo was a huge gum ball tree I had removed.  Water goes around both sides of it during heavy rains and covers up all but the trunk itself.  [larger view]

Between the 2 bridges was  a culvert for street run off.  I had these French drains put in.  During heavy rains they work great.  [larger view]

Standing on ground looking basically east.  East bridge.  During the recent rain, the bottom step was totally covered with water.  The bottom of the bridge is 34" above the creek bed and water raised to that level.  [larger view]

East side grate.  It measures ~28" in the center and it is 22' wide.  During the rains of 12/09/03, I was standing in the corner shown in this photo (southeast corner of my lot) in ~10" of water.  Rock pile (~15" high) was covered with water in this section.  [larger view]

Standing on deck looking east to pond across street.  [larger view]

Another deck shot looking east southeast.  About 1/3 of the mulched area flooded in this photo.  [larger view]