Cleaning and Repair Tips


CJ Designers and/or Manufacturers

Ballesteros - sterling silver jewelry
Sol d'Or - The Celtic Shop
Dorothy Bauer Designs
Sarah Coventy Catalogs & Advertisements

Designer Articles

Bogoff - Jewels by Bogoff by Stephen Bogoff - Illusion Jewels
Charm bracelets - A Charmed Existence
Coro patents & history - Muse Jewels
Judith Hendler - on Judy Miller's imageevent site
Juliana - Morning Glory
Juliana - Past Perfection
Knoll & Pregizer - The Robin Deutsch Collection on imageevent
Selro & Selini - The Many Faces of Selro by Kathy Trojan hosted on the Illusion Jewels website
Sherman Jewelry - The Family Jools
Walter Lampl - Milky Way Jewels
Jewelry making instructions

How to make Rose Petal beads

Jewelry making suppliers

Auntie's Beads - jewelry and beading supplies
Fire Mountain gems and beads
Nile - jewelry supplies, boxes & tools
Rainbows of Light - wholesaler of Swarovski crystals
Rings and Things - wholesale jewelry supplies
Rio Grande - jewelry making supplies
Stone Age Hardware - semi-precious beads & precious metal findings

Material research

Plastic History
Plastic Timeline
CJ Research Sites

ACNA - info on collectibles and insurance availability for dealers and collectors
Collectinsure - Collectibles insurance
Antiquingonline's A-Z designers
A research guide featuring information on hundreds of jewelry designers and companies is at Illusion Jewels Vintage Costume Jewelry
Jewel Chat Marks on Morning Glory - link to jewelry marks, makers & dates
The Jewels of Austria circa 1960-1970 - The Family Jools
All about jewels: Illustrated Dictionary of Jewels
Vintage Jewelry Resource Site by "Eclectic Vintage"

An all inclusive  informational site for collectible vintage jewelry, popular designers, care & cleaning, how to identify, links to quality dealers & their specialties, learn about fakes/repros and much more!
Jewel Chat on Morning Glory website - tons of articles and resources on vintage jewelry
You Tube videos that I found helpful

Dating a brooch by the clasp style
Dating a brooch by the clasp style Part 2

Patent Info & FTC

Patented pieces on Emerald City's website
Jewelry Patents (courtesy of Jim Katz Vintage Costume Jewelry)
Patents - Google
FTC (use to verify terminology)
Sparklez - info from FTC "Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metals and Pewter Industries"
United States Patent and Trademark Office - patent dates
United States Patent and Trademark Office - search by patent or design number
Silver Jewelry research

Spratling silver

Obscure cj info

Stanhopes - miniature micro photographic lenses inserted into collectibles