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Book Pieces Project FAQ's

What is allowed:

Costume jewelry of any age that is found in a printed book, matches a patent and the patent is included, found in an advertisement and the ad is included, discovered in a sales brochure (f.ex. an old Sarah Coventry brochure) and you have the page, etc.

Required information is noted with an *:

1.)  *A front photo.  A back photo would be nice but not necessary.

2.)  A thumbnail photo ~100x100 or equaling ~200 (80x120 f.ex.).  Not necessary, but one less thing for me to do.

3.)  *Complete title of book, or patent number and designer, or advertisement and if available, from what magazine and issue date the ad ran.

4.)  *Complete name of author.

5.)  *Page number where item is located.

6.)  *A short description of the item that can be cut and pasted from your message.  I will not post your item if you expect me to go to the book and re-write the book's description.

7.)  *Who or what you want the 'Courtesy of ' line to be finished with.  It can be your site, your ebay auctions, your name or your e-mail addy.

8.)  LMK if the item is in your collection or sold so that I can mark it NFS (not for sale) otherwise an interested person can contact you directly to inquire about your item.  These pages are for reference only and not for advertisement so if the item is for sale is not important and that is not something I want to monitor.

9.)  E-mail me here <bookpiece@clerestorial.com> with your pretties.


10.)  How many B.P. photos can I send you?  Answer:  As many as you want.  They will not all go up at the same time to avoid any page appearing to be a "John's page".

11.)  Do you want me to send you the photos as attachments or as a url from my site?  Answer:  I prefer that you house the photos on your server and that I link to your photo url.  You must be willing to keep them at the url you send to me so that the hyperlink on my site does not break.  If you do not have a site, I will house them on my server.  (NOTE:  I will probably house them on my server so that I don't need to wonder.)

12.)  I have a necklace that is exactly like the necklace on page xx of book yy, but the book item has 2 dangles and mine has 1.  Do you want the photo?  Answer:  Yes, as long as it is exactly like the book piece and we note the difference.

13.)  Person X has already shown the brooch on page xx of book yy but I have the compete set.  Do you want that?  Answer:  Yes, send it over and I will post your photo next to that one and we will note the other items.

14.)  I sent you photos 3 days ago, did you get them?  Answer:  Please do not ask me if I got your photo unless more than 3 to 4 weeks have gone by.  Sometimes I will get a more recent photo up quickly if I know it can be done quickly and I just need one or two to finish a page.  Other wise I am doing them by the date I receive the photo.

15.)  How do I know when my item is up on the project?  Answer:  When I have finished uploading your information, I will send you the url and ask you to correct me if I'm wrong.  If I don't hear back from you I will assume all is correct with the posting.

16.)  I have X item from Y book and Z item from Q book, do you want those?  Answer:  See #10.  In other words, don't ask just send them on over.

17.)  Here's the widget from book Z.  I also have the earrings but they are not in the book.  Do you want them too?  Answer:  Yes, send all of the matching items to a book piece whether they are in the book or not.

18.)  I have an item that is not technically jewelry (a compact for example) but it is on page X of book Q.  Do you want that?  Answer:  If the widget is from a book that is primarily costume jewelry, yes I might allow it.  In other words, if you find your brooch in Kovel's, don't start sending me photos of furniture.  ;-)

19.)  Here's a resend of all of the photos I sent you over 2 weeks ago as I haven't seen all of them uploaded.  Response:  Please do NOT do this.

20.)  I wrote a book on cj and I feel funny sending you photos.  Response:  Please do send photos of what you deem to be the finest examples of what is in your book or maybe the rarest of items.  I just don't want the project to start looking like anyone's book so if I feel you are sending me too many, I will spread them around.

21.)  This item is in book Q and I also have the patent or advertisement.  Do you want that too?  Answer:  No need to ask, just send me all of the information you have on the item that you are sending me.

22.)  Are these the same item?  Is this item marked the same as item X on page Y of your B.P. project?  Answer:  I have no idea as this item is owned by Z.  Please contact her at XYZ.com.

23.).  Will this be an ongoing project?  Answer:  Yes, unless we all just stop shopping and I KNOW that won't be happening.

24.)  Can you be bribed?  Answer:  YES!


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