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Coro lemon confetti thermoset earrings.  [click here]
Gold bow brooch and earring set.  [click here]
Napier gold bracelet.  [click here]
Florenza green and pearl bracelet.  [click here]
Simmons aquamarine colored gold art deco bracelet.  [click here]
Coro black, silver and rhinestone brooch and earring set.  [click here]
Gold Coro Pegasus bird  [click here]
Gold B.S.K. earrings.  [click here]
Pearl and gold Coro earrings.  [click here]
Gold mesh dangle Whiting & Davis screw back clip-on earrings.  [click here]
Silver leaf B.S.K. brooch.   [click here]
Pearl and rhinestone hair comb [click here]