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Eisenberg.  One of a mirror image pair.  Owner only has this one.  Page 289, "Ameri-can Costume Jewelry" by Brunialti.  [larger view] [back viewCourtesy of The Enchanted Castle. NFS

Eisenberg.  "American Cos-tume Jewelry" by Brunialti.  Page 289.  [larger view] [back view]  Courtesy of The En-chanted Castle.  NFS

Eisenberg.  "American Costume Jewelry" by Brunialti.  Page 289  [larger view] [back viewCourtesy of The Enchanted Castle.  NFS

Signed Siam sterling.  A large Nielloware bracelet style - a fan bracelet.  Page 150, "Overview of Siam Sterling Nielloware", 3rd printing, by Charles Dittell.  [larger view]  Courtesy of The Siam Sterling Nielloware Site.  NFS

This McClelland Barclay pin, made by Rice Weiner Co.,  is featured on pages 62 -63, Brunialti's "A Tribute To America".  [larger view] [back view Advertisement of this item.  Courtesy of Katz Jewelers.

This is on page 161 of " A Tribute to America" Costume Jewelry 1935-1950 by Brunialti.  Red in the book.  "Sunburst - Pennino 1947, Designer Oreste Pennino, not patented.  3" x 1 3/4"  [larger view] [back view]  Courtesy of Linn's Collection at Rainbows End.  NFS

 Tortolani Dragon reproduced in sterling and advertised for sale in a copy of Architectural Digest magazine in 2003 by The Franklin Mint.  The original is brass.  [larger viewCourtesy of The Enchanted Castle.

"Collecting Rhinestone & Colored Jewelry" (1998) by Maryanne Dolan.  Page #213.  Eisenberg pin in lower right corner.  [larger view] [back view]  Courtesy of Katz Jewelers.

Castlecliff Jungle Cat  hinged bracelet.  "Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry" by Marcia "Sparkles" Brown, page 46. Highly textured and detailed, this cat has green rhinestone eyes.  Measures 3/4" wide, with the head measuring 1.5".   [larger view]  Courtesy of Yesterdays Jewels.

"Sarah Coventry Jewelry" book by Clements.  Page 149.  Described as Wisteria pink plastic stones.  The book shows a pendant and the owner thinks the description is in error.  [larger view]  Courtesy of Alice Leonard.

Page 143 of Fred Rezazadeh's book "Costume Jewelry". Tortolani is a premier name in silver production. Their beauti-fully designed sculptural pieces, created in the 1960's-1970's, are often three-dimen-sional and highly detailed. This  floral design necklace has an antiqued texture along the sides of each of the leaves; the "buds" bring out the dimen-sion.  Patina of age still intact.  [larger view]  Courtesy of Yesterdays Jewels.

 Inside cover of "Costume Jewelry - The Fun of Collecting" by Nancy Schiffer.  [larger view] [book photo and description]  Courtesy of Alice Leonard.
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