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Note: You are on a reference page of Clerestorial. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

Italian jewelry designers [larger view]   In the center, a blue and clear glass ruffled bib surrounded by a long, green glass beaded sautoir with gold balls. Coppola e Toppo, Sixties. (courtesy of Ginger Moro.  More info and
photos are featured in her book, European Designer Jewelry, Italy chapter. An autographed copy is available from the author, Ginger Moro: modmoro@earthlink.net.)
[larger view]  Red glass bead choker with dangling cluster beads. Red glass and rhine-stone earrings, and red bombe 3D center mounted on a taupe woven glass bead bracelet.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger view]  Outrageous shoulder-dusting earrings ranging from silver, lime green, and hot pink, to watermelon rivoli stones. Average length is 4 inches. One spiral row earring of mirrored clear glass beads for Valentino is worn singly, reaching 5" to the shoulder. (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger view]  Coppola set. Gold-toned organ pipe metal beads with rhinestones neck-lace, bracelet, earrings and sautoir by Coppola e Toppo for Valentino. Sixties.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger view]  Two necklaces by Luciana di Roma. The Florentine gold-toned pieces are set with simulated topaz and faux pearls. One pendant necklace is worn in her hair by the Contessa Luisa della Noce,1961.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger view]  A spectacular necklace of swirled Venetian hand - blown turquoise glass beads (each 2 inches long) mounted with lamp work beads of gold aventurine and turquoise glass. The necklace is 32' long. The beads are hollow, so they are as light as air.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger viewTorchon, or twisted, fabric is sewn with long loops of seed beads for an unusual soft effect.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger view]  These show the pizzo, or lace, beads with dark trailings in a lacey pattern over shiny gold or silver foil, strung with opaline milk glass Czech beads.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)

[larger view]  Coppola e Toppo floral pendant, (6" wide) of crystal and plastic beads mounted by hand on a weft of plastic beads, hung on a turquoise glass bead chain, created for Ken Scott in the Sixties.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)

[larger view]  Black over gold aventurina pizzo beads with a fenicio combed bead and electric blue AB beads tassel.  Black and yellow Rosetta chevron beads, 2" long.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)

[larger view]  langani faux pearls strung with the signature black bead (to the left of the clasp.) German designer with an Italian name.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)

[larger view]  Twenties long sautoir with Rosetta beads and seed beads.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)