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Note: You are on a reference page of Clerestorial. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

[larger view]  A "Tailored Woman" gold- plated version of an asymmetrical necklace with ribbed pendants by Italian designer, Elsa Schiaparelli. This, and the rhinestone pave version with matching earrings are pictured in Ginger's book, European Designer Jewelry.  An autographed copy is available from the author, Ginger Moro: modmoro@earthlink.net.) (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger view]  Two beaded necklaces with vintage Italian glass beads, faux pearls, and metal beads forming long, dangling pendants from a floral center. These are shades of green. Ginger has these in several different colors which change with the seasons. They were designed by an unknown French woman in the Seventies.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger view]  Parure of silver and gold foiled glass beads. Venice, Italy, 80s.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger view]  5" long, dangly Italian and Czech glass bead necklaces. One is in tones of pink and purple glass flowers and leaves; the other is in fall colors of bronze and gold aventurine with tiger striped leaves. The pendants swing as you walk.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger viewBlue and yellow dice bracelet, gold cookies necklace and Bazot signature.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger viewBracelet and pendant with raised 3D enamel cookies.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger view]  Multicolored iridescent bracelet, cutout bed bracelet, and purple and green necklace and earrings.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger viewWhite and green necklace with big yellow cookie pin.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger view]  A photo of the author's beloved Edwardian grandmother, Marga, wearing her platinum sautoir and lorgnette (1901).  Poiret was instrumental in eradicating the "S" silhouette which tortured the bodies of Edwardian women. He said: "Women looked as if they were towing barges against the wind."!  His graceful clothes were either high waisted or loose-fitting tunics, sans corsets or belts. His beaded sautoirs with tassels became a classic Art Deco accessory.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger view]  Marga as an 80 year old matron.  Emily Marga Smith was one of the first white women to travel 700 miles up the Nile. Grandpa was the doctor for the men building the Aswan Dam. (Marga dared me to follow in her footsteps when I was barely out of my teens while I was living in Paris and I did.  But I digress.)  Marga wore high lace Edwardian collars with pearl sautoirs and her vintage platinum and diamond jewelry until she died, a feisty 90 year old. She'd been out waltzing the night before.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger view]  Vintage Edwardian belts with elaborate belt buckles front and back which illustrate the Edwardian style.  Photo of the top 2 buckles of the green suede belt (fore and aft) are Art Nouveau design with faux emerald stones and marcasites.  The Edwardian grayish green leather belt is cut steel (1910).  Illustrated in the author's book, pg 17, France chapter.  (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
[larger view]  A feather aigrette as illustrated by Georges Lepape for Paul Poiret, France, 1910. Illustrated in "European Designer Jewelry", page 19. The Edwardians wore aigrettes sprouting from diamond brooches. The style was per-petuated by the flappers in the Twenties, thanks to Poiret and Diaghilev's costumes for the Ballets Russes. (courtesy of Ginger Moro)
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